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mark t. rhodes Musician, Composer, Producer, Singer, Songwriter Mark is the newest member of Matter Music. In the last several years he has advanced his career in Los Angeles and Miami as a singer songwriter and producer under the stage-name of MTStreets. “MTStreets is fire,” said Bobbie Brown Jr. whose father experienced a storied career with number one hits and a reality TV show with Whitney Houston. MTStreets’s perfect pitch allows him to play anything he hears on the piano and drives vibes into songs he writes for himself and other artists. He never intended to be a singer or songwriter, his original plan was to be behind the scenes as a producer, but when his brother, Beanie, tragically passed away in December 2019, he found himself in the spotlight. That’s when his recording career became a tribute to his brother.  Joining Matter Music is a return to his roots. At seven he heard a Disney song in a movie theater and came home, sat at the family’s piano, and played it perfectly without any sheet music. When his parents asked: When did you learn how to play that song? He simply said, “I just did,” as if there was nothing out of the ordinary with hearing a song one second and playing it the next.  At 14 he was invited to Los Angeles by Universal Music to record in the same studio Bruno Mars recorded Billionaire.  In 2021 he was invited to Denver by Sony Music to attend an event with budding musicians from all around the world. This led to collaboration with Dua Lipa and offered a new Pop direction for his music, which deals primarily with loss and the idea that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. SIMILAR/RELATED ARTISTS:  Post Malone, The Weeknd, Puth, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran. and Billie Eilish. And on the producer side Grammy-winning producer Scott Storch, and 808Mafia Producer Cicero.  MTSTREETS WAS FIRST A PRODUCER:  MTStreets loves creating a vibe in the studio to help good artists become great, and great ones to become greater. He loves producing music for visual media and recorded content and feels honored to be among the extraordinarily talented people at Matter Music.

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