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Ric Markmann is an accomplished Australian composer, producer, and performer, with a successful career spanning several decades. Born and raised in Australia, Markmann studied at the Conservatorium of Music, Australian National University, before relocating to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue his career in music.

In 1996, Markmann founded Matter Music, which specializes in producing music for visual media and recorded content. He has built an extensive clientele that includes major television networks, streaming services, ad agencies, record labels, and various content studios. Some of his notable clients include NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, ESPN, HBO, MTV, VH1, AMAZON, UPN, AMC, and Nickelodeon, to name a few.

Markmann's talents as a composer and producer have earned him numerous accolades, including an EMMY Award for Best Original Music.


He has composed and produced music for several high-profile projects, including films and TV shows produced by Columbia Pictures, SONY, Lionsgate, New Line Cinema, Paramount, Universal, Village Roadshow, FOX Searchlight, Imagine Entertainment, MGM, Dimension Films, Buena Vista Pictures, Miramax, and Walt Disney Pictures.

Aside from his work as a composer and producer, Markmann is also an accomplished performer as a bass player. He has worked on numerous records, films, TV shows, and ads, and has toured extensively around the world, playing thousands of shows in over 30 countries. Markmann has performed with several notable acts, including Heart, Chris Cornell, Jon Legend, Eleven, Smash Mouth, Kelly Clarkson, Belinda Carlisle, and Tonic. He has also made appearances on popular shows such as Letterman, Leno, Ellen, Red Nose Day, Hollywood Game Night, and Canal Plus.

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