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justin stanley

Musician, Producer, Composer


Justin Stanley is a Grammy nominated producer/engineer, as an artist and composer has sold multi platinum records and has worked with
an eclectic range of musicians including Prince, Beck, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Terry Riley, Steve Winwood, JJ Cale, Gary Clark Jr, Georgio Moroder, Snoop Dogg, and Allen Toussaint as well as composing music for films and commercials. 


Some of Justin's other production credits include, Eric Clapton, Jamie Lidell, Sheryl Crow, Nikka Costa, Jimmy Fallon, JET, Fetsum, Thurston Moore, Explosions in the Sky, Natasha Beddingfield, Mark Ronson, Robbie Robertson, Willie Nelson, Leonardo's Bride, The Vines, Jason Falkner and Mocky among others. With many artists above Justin has also co-written songs for their albums. His work has also been featured in various films and commercials including, Nacho Libre, Zoolander, Blue Crush, Blow, Friday Night Lights, Banger Sisters, Spiderman III, Wolves of Wall St, The Man Who Knew Infinity, StubHub, Nike, Gucci, Ford, Kia, Eveready, Mercedes, Anna Sui, Elizabeth Arden and Pantene. 


Justin has also collaborated with the American artist Doug Aitken and was commissioned to build and run a recording studio in a 1950's train which spent 4 weeks traveling across the US picking up, producing and recording over 30 artists that included Patti Smith, Beck, Cat Power, Dan Deacon, Suicide and Mavis Staples. That led the two to collaborate again in London for 4 weeks where Justin constructed a recording studio in the Barbican Center and was a part of a multi-arts happening. He again produced and recorded many artists and on the same day of each production, vinyl’s of the recording were pressed on a portable cutting lathe and the art work for each 500 pressings were being hand painted on the upper level of the art gallery simultaneously. 

Not to be boxed in to one road in music, Justin is the musical director for two upcoming Broadway productions. One is a Hall and Oates musical and the other is an original score which includes 2 songs that he produced and were composed by Elton John/Bernie Taupin. 


“I’ve been very fortunate to have learnt from many talented people and to have worked in some of the best studios in the World as a producer/engineer and also as a musician.” As a musician in my first band Noiseworks to recording and touring with Beck and Sheryl Crow, I was lucky to have experienced working with such producers as Mark Opitz (Cold Chisel), Chris Kimsey (The Rolling Stones), Chris Thomas (Inxs, Elton John), Nigel Godrich and Darrel Thorpe (Radiohead) and to learn from the other side of the glass and then use that knowledge in my own sessions once I became a producer. 

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